Welcome to Realm Crafter

Welcome to Realm Crafter

The Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game Creation Engine

Realm Crafter Professional  (Version 2.50)

We are pleased to finally reveal some of the major features and changes that will be coming in 2.50. This is, of course, the new RCP-specific server which will be introducing some big changes to how Realm Crafter functions internally; to squeeze more performance out of games and to vastly improve the options available to developers.
Instead of being a single server application; Professional now works as a multi-server scalable cluster to improve zone performance and distribute players across physical hardware. The server is split into the following applications:

Exciting new features

A list of Upcoming Features for 2.50

  • Server Cluster
  • Network Based Spatial Partitions
  • Remote Server Administration
  • Interactive Scenery
  • Strafing and Control Modification 
  • Shader Scripting Commands
  • 3DSMAX To B3D Converter



Create effects in seconds with RapidShader! Combining the use of Realm Crafters' powerful rendering technology and the ease of a flowchart based editor, assembling a pixel shader is a breeze. Simply drop in nodes from the toolbox, link them together to produce a new effect. Results are instantly visible and what you see in the preview is what you'll see inside your game